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Coterie of Gargoyles [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
slim concubines

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(no subject) [Mar. 8th, 2005|11:43 am]
slim concubines

so last night - it is a looooong story how - but I decided that one of Pleather and Gauze's albums needs to be called "The Dedication and the Bleeding"

oh what the heck - here's the story. It's strange, it's weird, and it's gross.Collapse )
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I've been reading a lot of Eco lately.... [Feb. 16th, 2005|07:19 pm]
slim concubines
[Current Mood |gigglygiggly]
[Current Music |Sweet Caroline]

So, my Friendly Foucault Fans, who's heard of Foucault's Pendulum by Umberto Eco? A friend had it on his bookshelf and I couldn't resist. I'm about halfway through, and enjoying it, but heed these observations:

~I've found two similarities so far to The Golden Bowl: the line "a la guerre comme a la guerre," and it's FREAKING DIFFICULT.
~Most of the book so far has consisted of overeducated and longwinded characters informing each other about various historical events or theories, especially those relating to the occult. And I'm not talking about just a few chapters, I mean that that's what the book is-- people telling each other facts (or fictions).
~Though you meet the Pendulum on the first page, I haven't yet figured out what it has to do with Foucault except that it bears his name. (Michel is a girl's name.)
~Remind me to quote you a few pages before I give it back.

So! In summary, I'm not yet sure if I reccommend Foucault's Pendulum by Umberto Eco, but stay tuned, and I'm sure that very soon, I still won't know.

~Europe's Gargoyle
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(no subject) [Jan. 4th, 2005|11:34 am]
slim concubines

[Current Mood |quixoticquixotic]
[Current Music |the music in my mind]

I was sitting in my house in North Carolina, getting my gargoyle grove thing on and seeing to it that all was right with the eastern seaboard (that's what i do...) when i started thinking about my cohorts in gargoyling and wishing there was a way to find out how everyone was doing. It was about that time that i realized we already did have a way for communicating, and it was called livejournal, and it was good. so here i am, communicating to my little heart's content. I really miss you guys and i wish more than anything else that we could just drop everything and go to Dobra, just the three of us. Mira would have her sketch book, susan would have a journal, and i would bring my notebook of staff paper to write music (and allie's book which, incidentally, still isn't done), and we would sit on those cushions and drink tea and eat bohemian spicy nuggets, and i would go up to the counter to get more honey and cream, and susan would claim to one day get the guts to go and ask for it herself, and mira would wax on for hours about various memories of Prague (wich i am sure she has a lot more of now) and perhaps we would order a plate of that wonderful hummus to accompany our tea, and we would sit there for hours and hours just being with eachother, and not worrying about all of the other stuff in our lives, just taking some time to say "I've been a lot of Foucault lately" or, if we are feeling a little it quirkier (and we are always feeling a little bit quirkier) "I've been watching a lot of RuPaul lately," and we would giggle uncontrollably at our own pithy jokes, because it would be in a group of friends where it is ok to find yourself as funny as you hope other find you, and maybe this time, when the server came up, it would be the skinny one with the blond hair and he would say , "susan, do you want your usual Yogi? and mira, you get the Memories of Prague, and jo, you get the roibus," and we would all try to hold it together until he walked around the corner and we would squeal (one of the few times in life that squealing would truely be appropriate) because not only did he knwo our teas, but he knew our names, and it would be official that we were regulars, and then, my dear triplets, life would be good.

i love you guys so much! I miss you tons! (and miss mira j horska, i haven't heard form you in a jhonka's age! are you still alive?)

do you think i have a chance at winning the prize for run-on sentence violation of the year?

gargoyle on duty
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(no subject) [Sep. 6th, 2004|11:04 am]
slim concubines

so ... have you two noticed that our location is still set at Colchester, VT ... and there is only one of us there?


Just had to say that.

(and yes, I just had to use this icon one last time)
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girls, advice? [Jul. 12th, 2004|10:14 am]
slim concubines

I think I am in love

go here - and do it quickly!

normally buying something like this online would scare the daylights out of me ... but ... Collapse )
I had to get your two's advice ...


(but I am silly)

anyway ... I miss you two!
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(no subject) [Jun. 9th, 2004|01:31 pm]
slim concubines

so ... I miss you two!

and I have something for you both!




That's right. It is TEA! FREE TEA! (how can you resist? It's free stuff!)


and I love you!!!


I hope you two are happy!
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I've been giving it sme thought... [May. 29th, 2004|03:33 pm]
slim concubines

[Current Mood |quixoticquixotic]
[Current Music |jon and cassy's new demo album]

we are pretty spread out now, ladies, and as depressing as that is, we can really use this to our advantage. I will take the Southeast chapter as Resident Gargoyle, and Mira should take the Northeast in hopes that Susan will be able to maintain the entire west chapter. Naturally, when Mira moves to Prague to start our brand new Europe Chapter (and in what better place than the capital of Bohemia???), i will assume the position of Resident Gargoyle for the entire East. We will, unfortunately, have to pull 24/7 duty in our respective areas, but i feel like we will more efficiently fill our rolls as Gargoyles this way and be an all around better coterie... does that sound good to you? let me know!
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The Shrine to Hotties [May. 21st, 2004|10:08 pm]
slim concubines
[Current Mood |gigglygiggly]

I have a tale to tell, and it is a very, very girly tale, so this is clearly the place to be telling it.

This weekend, my dear friend seule was visiting from her hometown of Colorado (which counts as a town in my mind). Joy! Happiness! And so, citizens of New England (which also counts as a town) converged to greet her.

Okay, so actually what happened was that I drove up from Meriden and happynao drove down from Massachusetts and we all met in South Windsor and then spent the evening trying to figure out what we should do.

What we did was the mall, and boy did we do the mall. But the tale that I have to tell is of such magnitude that I will skim right over such events as the purchasing of a teach-yourself-Czech kit, and the staring aimlessly at a large gathering of hermit crabs covered in shiny designs.

As you may already know, the KB Toys chain is closing. The last time I noticed this was in Sarah's mall, where she and I bought a Gollum figure for Naomi because she was sick. It was $5 and the store closed within days. Hmmm, I bet you're thinking. That sure is a good price for an action figure. I wish I could get me an action figure for that price, but alas! Now the store is gone!

Well, that's what I thought, too, but surprise! When we reached this other fine exceptional mall, what did we find but another closing KB toystore! And what did they have but cheap action figures?! And which ones did they have, but the Matrix, LotR, AND X-Men!?

At this point I may or may not have suggested to Naomi that she buy me an action figure.

After making the rounds of the store, I hit upon an amazing realization. Every action figure that I coveted in the store was a totally hot guy. They had Neo. They had Aragorn. They had Gambit. It was impossible for me to leave that store without a single hot guy, and I made up my mind not to do it.

Around this point, Sarah and Naomi came to the conclusion that they should each buy me an action figure. It was obvious, once we saw all the hotties put together. One action figure makes a decoration. Two make a label of geekdom. THREE....make a SHRINE!

So on the top shelf in the room that is currently serving as mine, from lef to right I now have: Strider, with sword-slashing action and a removable Ranger's cloak; Gambit, with a fully poseable body and a smashed Sentinel base; and Neo, with a background of Agent Smiths and visible raindrops on his coat.

A shrine to hotties makes a happy girl.

Possible future additions to the shrine include Hellboy, Squall, and Vash the Stampede. Donations should be sent to the following address.

Hottie Shrine Fund
Mira Horsky
25 Woodlawn Terrace
Meriden, CT

(Which reminds me, I need contact info for some of you!)

I hope you have enjoyed my tale and can properly visualize the majesty of the shrine.

And then Steve frickin' stabbed the guy!

~The Gargoyle on Duty
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bully and congrats... it's lucky bloddy swell! [May. 14th, 2004|01:30 pm]
slim concubines

congrats to both of you!
I am so proud of i can't even handle it! i am bursting with joy that you are both heading out into the world to make your way! WAHOO!!! *insert giddiness* :-D

le sigh...

I am in the midst of serious triplet withdrawal!!! I feel rather incomplete, and i didn't even have the closure of being at graduation! I have been sitting here wallowing in my own self-pity, wasting away to practically nothing.... sigh~~

(how's that for a bi-polar entry? i'll try not to be so up and down in the future)

missing you~
the fraternal one
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Sunday [Apr. 26th, 2004|04:14 pm]
slim concubines
[Current Mood |exanimatecrepuscular]
[Current Music |Tom Waits-- Flower's Grave]

So, let's hear it for a weird day for the triplets...

suziannabean goes missing, loses her thesis, rewrites it, and doesn't sleep.

psyche_rainvae goes missing, works on her presentation all day, doesn't finish it, and sleeps for 13 hours.

josie_rose might have gone missing, or might have just felt missing because I was missing, and then she has boy troubles all day. I don't know what her sleeping pattern was.


Remind me to eat something besides a box of raisins today.

~Gargoyle on Duty
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