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slim concubines
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So once upon a time there were three girls - Susan, Mira, and Jo. They were called the triplets. One day Susan decided to create an LJ community to chronicle their exploits, and so she did. And it was good.

And your FACE was good.

And your MOTHER was good.
being female, being fraternal, being identical, chocolate covered gummybears, deus ex machina, dill like a pickle, dobra tea, every man's hero, fickle like an olive, foucault, fun nicknames, improv, irony, jo, jo!, lucky bloody swell, mira, monopoly, more honey, psyche j notsusan, rough edges, rupaul, six legged weasels, sugar, susan, tea, the jdvl estrogen brigade, trivial pursuit, your deus ex machina, your face, your fez